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These days, you’ll be hard pressed to find a normal person who hasn’t heard of the popular Lamborghini Countach. Some people have even seen the Countach in action and have seen the amazing car in action for themselves.

Now a new Lamborghini has been introduced into the highly-famed supercar arena. The Quattrovalvole is the name of this new Lamborghini car. This car was built by a company in the Netherlands called Koenigsegg. Since this Lamborghini is based on a Koenigsegg car, we should expect many things from this one.

First of all, this new Lamborghini should be more aerodynamic since it has different parts of the body. It is also larger and more powerful than the Countach. The car is designed to handle in all sorts of weather, making it ideal for use in racing. Of course, it is also supposed to look extremely cool.

The all the expensive parts of the car are going to be found under the hood, making it very compact. The roof should be able to open up and allow cooling air to come in. This should help keep the engine of the car running at its peak performance levels.

There will be an alternator located in the rear of the car to run the car’s electronics. The front tires are also able to change speeds with the front wheels, giving the car a more agile feel. They should also have enough power to be able to tackle any type of road.

The more basic parts of the Lamborghini such as the chassis and the engine should be smooth and fast with the shape of the body. The rear end of the car should also be able to handle the bumps and curves found in the streets of some of the countries.

Of course, the interior of the new Lamborghini should also have the right ambiance, making it feel like a real Lamborghini. The car should also be able to take the rigors of city traffic as well as off-road driving.

Rafael Patrascu of the Lamborghini Company is the man behind this new supercar. He believes that this is going to be the best looking and fastest Lamborghini ever created.

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