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If you want to enjoy the true Grand Theft Auto experience, you need to be aware of some GTA V strategies and tricks. It is important to be able to avoid arrest and stardom if you want to go down on the bad side of the law in the Grand Theft Auto V video game.

When you visit the crime scene, try not to be seen by the police. If you have a car with no registration, you will automatically be targeted for arrest. Be prepared to either walk away or run for your life, as you are likely to be arrested by police officers on their way to apprehend a person of interest.

If you find yourself caught in the middle of a criminal incident, don’t panic. Try to keep calm. Your body language will be interpreted by the police and any scuffles you take part in will be recorded on video and will be made public for all to see.

Keep your head down, but do go to the police station and turn yourself in. Even if you’re innocent, it will help the investigation. You’ll also help your chances of getting out of the situation alive. Criminals tend to escape from police stations so they can remain at large.

The more interesting criminal activities in Grand Theft Auto V involve vehicles. Stay away from open spots as cars tend to be stolen and sold on the streets. If you drive a vehicle, park in safe areas and use security features to protect your vehicle. Do not carry large amounts of cash because it will be a target for criminals.

When you are playing the game, you are expected to drive safely and stick to the side of the open road. Avoid sharp turns or other situations that are designed to get a vehicle onto the wrong side of the road.

The game allows you to create your own character to be whoever you want to be. Use this opportunity to be someone you are not. Because there are so many options, it is possible to become something you are not.

This is part of the fun of the game and the only way to learn everything about the game is to play it. Learn about the various police stations and the game’s mechanics to help you learn how to avoid arrest and achieve your goals in the Grand Theft Auto V video game.

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