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How would you like to be a Super Hero in your own day to day life? Imagine being able to turn anything into a weapon and not have to worry about having a gun pointed at your head. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Of course we all know of the many advantages of Superman, but he is only one of many heroes that have ever existed. In fact there are so many superheroes in the world today that they have become an entire industry. What if there was a way to turn any object into a weapon that could help in the fight against the villains in our world?

You may not think that this would be possible, but what if you could have an army of small robots or even larger ones that were at your command? This is the power of Captain America in his new book series. You can be a Superhero too, just by looking at this book.

The entire goal of the book is to show how someone like Captain America can fight against the evil forces in the world. Since World War II this man has faced down many enemies, yet somehow managed to keep it all together. This is not easy and he does this without relying on any superpowers.

Unlike other superheroes who can change their look to match the events of their story, Captain America is not willing to do that. He wears the uniform of the US Army in the field, but that is as far as his clothes go. Everything else remains as it is and this is something that many people will enjoy about this story.

In this series Captain America learns that there are not just good guys and bad guys, but there are heroes too. For some reason he is able to see right through some of the villains that try to corrupt the world. They simply cannot see past the cold heartedness of the individual that they want to do them harm.

The book by Steve Orlando has made an impact on everyone that has read it, even people that do not know the character that Captain America is. Many have gotten goose bumps thinking about what this character is up against and why he always seems to prevail. With his information and understanding of the world we live in he can fight against all of the villains in this world.

In this world where every day is the same, being a Super Hero has never been more important. With the benefit of having a super soldier in the US Army there should be no cause for any villain to try to put a stop to him. It is time for our heroes to step up and take on the villains in our world.

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